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What is Medjugorje?

MEDJUGORJE is the name of a small town located in the mountains of Bosnia Herzegovina. However during the past 35 years, the word "Medjugorje" has become synonymous with the miraculous apparitions which have been taking place there. It all started in June, 1981, when the Virgin Mary began appearing to six young teenagers in this remote mountain village in former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia Herzegovina.  The apparitions have continued as of this writing in 2016. Our Lady's basic message to the world is a message of peace, teaching the world to come back to God and to daily prayer. Our Lady gives us five stones by which to live: Prayer, Fasting, Daily Reading of the Bible, Confession and Eucharist.


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Currently we have three charities with our main focus being our "Feed My Children" charity in which we feed about 1500 people a day in Karamoja, a remote region of northeast Uganda. We depend on the kindness of donors to support these charities and we take no salaries or expenses for funds earmarked for our direct charities.

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2017 Update From Weible Columns

Dear friends,
The news that Medjugorje followers have been waiting for concerning the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary will possibly arrive by the end of 2017! In essence, Vatican approval of the first week of apparitions (June 24-July 01) has been announced. The Bishop's Conference of the United States has also accepted the approval; therefore, the faithful are free to go to Medjugorje on pilgrimage and to promote and participate in activities concerning the apparitions. Additionally, the Ruini Investigative Report suggests the Parish of St. James in Medjugorje should be named a Pontifical Sanctuary.
The analysis is simple: Medjugorje is now an approved apparition site!

I am inviting you to join me for a pilgrimage starting on October 30-November 07, 2017. Cost is $2099 from New York and is all inclusive. Email info@weiblecolumns.org for details or to book!


Come With Wayne To Medjugorje!

wayne rosary

Musical Guest: Andy Cooney

* Oct. 30 – Nov. 07, 2017: $2,099 from New York

Pilgrims have often described Medjugorje as “a taste of Heaven on Earth”. In Medjugorje, when one takes time to pray and be still, it allows God to work in people’s hearts in an indescribable way. Join us for a 2017 pilgrimage; bring your friends and family to share this life-changing experience.

Contact our office for details:
Telephone: 1-877-896-6061 Email: info@weiblecolumns.org

Contact 206 Tours directly and speak to Sandra to book or for flight information:
Telephone: 1-800-206-8687 Email: sandra@206tours.com

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waiting for a miracle

Wating For A Miracle

By Cyndi Peteterson
Forward by Wayne Weible

Cyndi Peterson was a successful physician, wife and mother who had everything she ever dreamed of-yet true peace continued to elude her. Her quest leads her to Medjugorje, where Mary the Mother of God is reported to appear daily. After returning home newly committed to her faith, she faces every mother's deepest fear. Her newborn baby Kelly is terminally ill. Follow her struggle to understand God's wish for her life.

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Padre Pio Spiritual Direction for Everyday

Padre Pio’s Spirtual Direction For Everyday

By Gianluigi Pasquale

Padre Pio was celebrated for his understanding of the spiritual life and the struggles we all face. The letters he wrote to his spiritual directors and to the many people who sought his advice are a profound source of direction and encouragement. This collection of 365 reflections drawn from those letters offers inspiration for every day of the year. Let Padre Pio share his wisdom with you and become your guide to holiness.

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Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Lent With Saint Teresa Of Calcutta

By Heidi Hess Saxton

Lent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta offers a short Scripture passage for each day, a brief meditation with a quote or story from the life of this remarkable woman, plus reflection questions and a short prayer to begin or end the day. Read alone or with a small group, this is a helpful resource for reflecting upon the mercy of God-and modeling the generous heart of this saint from Calcutta in our own lives.

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Marija's Monthly Message:

SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
“Dear children! I am calling you to be generous in renunciation, fasting and prayer for all those who are in temptation, and are your brothers and sisters. In a special way I am imploring you to pray for priests and for all the consecrated, that they may love Jesus still more fervently; that the Holy Spirit may fill their hearts with joy; that they may witness Heaven and Heavenly mysteries. Many souls are in sin, because there are not those who sacrifice themselves and pray for their conversion. I am with you and am praying that your hearts may be filled with joy. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Mirjana's Monthly Message:

OCTOBER 02, 2017
“Dear children, I am speaking to you as a mother – with simple words, but words filled with much love and concern for my children who, through my Son, are entrusted to me. And my Son, who is of the eternal now, He is speaking to you with words of life and is sowing love in open hearts. Therefore, I am imploring you, apostles of my love, have open hearts always ready for mercy and forgiveness. According to my Son, always forgive your neighbors, because in that way peace will be in you. My children, care for your soul, because it alone is what truly belongs to you. You are forgetting the importance of family. A family does not need to be a place of suffering and pain, but a place of understanding and tenderness. Families who strive to live according to my Son live in mutual love. While He was still little, my Son would say to me that all people are His brothers. Therefore, remember, apostles of my love, that all people whom you meet are family to you – brothers according to my Son. My children, do not waste time thinking about the future, worrying. May your only concern be how to live well every moment according to my Son. And there it is – peace for you! My children, do not ever forget to pray for your shepherds. Pray that they can accept all people as their children; that, according to my Son, they may be spiritual fathers to them. Thank you!”